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wood games


So here we have the latest addition to our team, H, the dark and sturdy guy. He is mature and  not afraid of taking responsibility. The masu I found in the most lovely thrift store in Sapporo. In former times these wooden boxes were used to measure rice (one masu is 180ml), today they are used to serve sake but I have actually seen that only on few occasions. The way I see those in future is being filled with beautiful vintage buttons I am determined to look for and bring home during the next weeks. More likely they will be full of random stuff I find on my sewing desk, though, but let's just hope it'll be the buttons...

The thing that dragged me into that thrift shop in the first place was this:

wooden hiragana + katakana cards

As we were passing the shop on our way home (after having a super delicious ramen here) I saw this box of wooden blocks in the window and literally went backwards to immediately enter the shop.
It's a set of wooden cards for studying hiragana and katakana. Each front side shows one syllable  character (burnt onto the wood) and on the back side there's a coloured image of a thing that starts with  that very syllable.

Like this... no and nokogiri.



Dagny got very excited about the cards and loves playing with them as she makes first attempts to read and found one of her favourites among the images:


By the way, I played with wood, too, bought a saw and a few planks on Monday and built a little staircase which will be part of a little, hopefully not too tacky installation I am working on... if I like how it turns out I'll be showing it but I am not so sure about that yet. We'll see.

Have a good day!


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ok then, that is what the photo was on flickr... i don't think you have to worry, it looks wonderful from what i can see. that game is spectacular... nice one.

I love each and every little bit.

Oh my gosh, those blocks are wonderful. We have some flashcards but the wooden ones are so much nicer.

Would it be completely rude and unexcusable if I begged you to share how these amazing little critters come to life. I would love to make some for my little one's nursery. I am truly inspired.

I see an "Eulenchor" in the making....

love those blocks (and the owl too :)

japanese thrift shops? I think you're slowly cementing in my mind where I want to go next!!

amazing wooden blocks, what a great find! and the owls, well, H is among some very fine friends...

Oh dear. I will have nightmares of the face in the last picture.

The owls are very nice - and a good idea.
With best wihses and greetings from Karin

Love the Kami - just the right level of menace!

the wooden flashcards and boxes... and mr. h... so much goodness here. wishing you luck on your vintage button search!

again, a lovely fellow!

wonder for what you´ve made that staircase... you build a doll house, right? *jump* i know, i know! *gg*
or you´re making a stepladder for some high boards.
don´t leave us in the dark too long, mysterious lady!

Time to stop lurking! The little owls are very cute and a great idea! So much more fun to make words with! The blocks are also amazing however! But handmade and homemade has so much more appeal!

Hallo Alex! I've been so busy lately, I miss my blog friends ;D I love your Eulchen, they are so sweet! The card set is fascinating - what is the little demon called?

The wooden cards are fabulous! Sure beats the neon orange laminated ones my daughter has been using.

Oh my god those blocks!! Incredible....

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